Construction Management

David A. Klein Real Estate has extensive experience managing the construction of tenant fit-outs as part of the property management of your office building. Our list of repeat clients and long-term tenants speaks for itself. And we mean long-term — several for as long as 25 or 30 years.

Like a puzzle

Since he was a boy, Dave Klein has been taking things apart and putting them back together. That’s what he loves about construction — it’s like a puzzle. Wiring, framing, trimming, drywall, plumbing — they all play their part in a successful fit-out, and Dave has experience with them all.

Where tenant meets property

It’s true that location, location, location is important. But unless you can turn the needs of a tenant into a well-designed floor plan and a finished product, even the best-located space will remain vacant. That is why it is so important to work with a prospective tenant to meet their needs in a cost-effective way that benefits both parties.

Our secret sauce

Pricing is crucial in this type of construction, but so is quality workmanship that stands up to years of tenant use. We find success on both counts via our long-standing relationships with small, independent contractors and use of in-house personnel. Our subcontractors, all careful craftsmen who we have worked with for decades, are smaller, low-overhead businesses. We maintain wholesale accounts for purchase of all construction materials. And because of our total involvement in the building, our own overhead is reduced.

No risk

We are fully insured, and we guarantee our work. Period.

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