Commercial Property Management

A commercial property is like a miniature town. It has its own populace, economy, utilities, services, traffic patterns, maybe even a government. And the last thing you want to be is mayor.

David A. Klein Real Estate has thirty years’ experience managing commercial properties, large and small. From design of tenant fit-outs to midnight inspections of water meters, we monitor every detail — keeping a constant eye on your bottom line. We know our job, and we do it well. If we have learned anything in all these years, it’s this: lack of involvement on the owner’s part is the greatest compliment we can receive.

Why we are different

Depth of analysis

You can’t properly manage a property unless you have a handle on all the details. We analyze and keep track of all aspects of your property:

  • operating efficiency
  • service contracts
  • vendors
  • suppliers
  • deferred maintenance
  • vacancies
  • tenant improvements
  • renovations

Higher occupancy = higher profitability

A vacant space brings in no income. So we make it our business to keep your property as fully occupied as possible. We accomplish this in two ways:

  1. 1. by bringing in highly-qualified tenants
  2. 2. by retaining existing tenants

Here are some of the tenant-oriented duties we will perform on your behalf:

  • advertise your premises in the most effective media outlets
  • screen and qualify applicants
  • design tenants into available spaces
  • draft floor plans on our CAD system for renovations or tenant improvements
  • manage and oversee all subcontractors for fit-outs and repairs (see our Construction Management page)
  • draft, execute and administrate all leases

Watchful administration

We specialize in administrative management. To you, that means no worries. To us, that means we’re busy performing these duties:

  • collecting all income
  • paying all expenses
  • monitoring insurance coverage and premiums
  • evaluating tax assessments
  • negotiating energy contracts
  • drafting and soliciting RFP’s for all building requirements (i.e. energy, maintenance, HVAC, elevators, groundskeeping, snow removal)
  • assessing and billing tenants for pass-through expenses according to lease terms

Brutal budgeting

We are tough negotiators who spend your money as if it were our own. That means we’re thrifty but not cheap — we know when to invest in quality and when to pinch pennies. Rigorous budgeting coupled with years of experience mean your accounts are prepared to handle deferred maintenance and avoid future unpleasantness when unforeseen expenses inevitably arise.

Income and expense statements are like our report cards, so we monitor them mercilessly. We review all expenses monthly, comparing them to the previous month. Any spike is like a red flag, and we trace its source — often preventing major problems from developing.

Call us if you are interested in a management company that will aggressively manage your property and optimize your bottom line. 610-820-9888