Association Management

David A. Klein Real Estate specializes in full-service, professional association management.  We provide a wide range of services which can be customized for each client. We complement your board of directors in the many responsibilities required to provide your administrative services.

Why we are different

We know what you need

We have extensive knowledge of the PA Uniform Condominium Act (PUCA), Uniform Planned Community Act (UPCA), contract negotiations, the legalities of association management, financial management expertise, budgeting, and replacement reserve estimation.

From the ground up

We have organized associations from scratch, assisted in writing association documents, formulating initial budgets, and working with developers and attorneys.

Ongoing support

As your organization continues, we review association documents, write resident handbooks, and recommend (and draft) amendments to your association documents. Our goal: to clarify and simplify the management process.

Easy-to-use financials

Is your association hamstrung by complex accrual basis financial statements that are nearly impossible to understand? We specialize in producing clear, concise, easily-understood financial statements and expense analyses that are easily understood.


We know how important open channels of communication are to a well-run property owners association. We work with you to help keep people talking to each other in a civil, effective manner.

Hands-on, on-site

We are there when and where you need us — on a roof, under a crawlspace, or in a trench analyzing problems or repair requirements. We meet with, and supervise, contractors on-site.

Many hats

Your association will benefit from our unique depth and breadth of experience. In one cost-effective bundle we combine strong legal, accounting, and construction skills with amazing attention to detail.  We are your first line of defense when something needs to get done. We go on-site, analyze what needs to be done, meet with contractors, and give you our recommendations.

What we will do for you Download Sample Scope of Services

Asset/Financial Management

  • Collect all income, assessments and fees
  • Act promptly on any delinquency, including legal processing through the magistrate level, evictions, lien filing, etc
  • Negotiate service and maintenance contracts. Maximize cost savings through volume purchase power, lower priced “in-house” personnel, and affiliated subcontractors
  • For your benefit, maintain numerous wholesale accounts throughout the area with material discounts of up to 50%, passed directly through to the property
  • Thoroughly review, approve, and pay all property operating expenses
  • Prepare detailed monthly and year-end financial statements in accordance with owner or association requirements
  • Prepare an annual budget, reserve analysis and long-range planning
  • Coordinate annual audit as required

Administrative Management

  • Attend monthly and annual meetings
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of all meetings as required
  • Maintain all property files including owner/tenant roster, maintenance files, financial files, etc
  • Bid, coordinate and review all insurance requirements; process any insurance claims
  • Prepare, coordinate and distribute unit-owner correspondence as required
  • Maintain an association website in the form of a secure “Community Portal”, giving members access to association documents
  • Draft and distribute periodic newsletters from management to unit owners and residents
  • Administer the terms and provisions of the rules, regulations, declaration and bylaws of the associations

Facility Management

  • Provide routine site inspections
  • Supervise and maintain a neat and clean appearance throughout the property
  • Coordinate and supervise any and all property maintenance, bidding, and administration of service contracts, renovations or improvements which may be required
  • Provide 24-hour emergency maintenance
  • Provide general contractor services in more extensive renovation work utilizing both in-house personnel and outside contractors who work for the firm on a reduced-cost basis
  • Provide homeowner maintenance and billing if desired or required

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