Commercial Sales

Our approach to commercial sales

We represent you

There are a lot of commercial properties on the market, especially in this economy. Our job is to help you weed through your options to find properties that best fit your needs and your budget. Then we focus our expertise in financing, construction and negotiation on your behalf.

In our years of experience, we have learned "never to love anything that can't love you back." So we keep two questions top-of-mind throughout the process. 1) Is this a good property? 2) Is this property right for you?

Here's our time-tested strategy for finding a property that passes both tests:

Setting up the parameters

  • We work with you to determine your best price range and walk you through a meticulous pre-qualification process so there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road
  • We have extensive experience structuring often-complicated commercial financing
  • We help you identify your basic criteria for a property and clarify needs and wants

Due Diligence

Once we've found an interesting building, our years of construction expertise go to work for you. We crawl over, under, and through every inch of the property. We analyze the structure and condition of the building, checking for deferred maintenance, investigating zoning, environmental, or engineering issues.

Evaluating the soundness of the building is one thing. Making sure it meets all your criteria is another. So we carefully analyze what improvements and betterments would be required to make the property serve your needs. We coordinate whatever contractors, engineers, and inspectors are necessary to help us make that determination.

Negotiation and settlement

We are known for our tough negotiating skills. Our bottom-line, practical approach helps us know when to bid, when to bend and when to walk away. We will stay with you and your project all the way through the settlement process, dealing with the inevitable questions that come up at the last minute.

Property Management

Your newly-purchased property may require a manager. Protect your investment by drawing upon our familiarity with your facility and our extensive experience in the field. Entrust the management of your new property to David A. Klein Real Estate.

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