Cobble Creek: Request for Maintenance or Modification Form

Request for Maintenance or Modification Form

Please Note: Submission of this document is required for all requests for exterior maintenance or modification of the Common Elements or the Limited Common Elements.

Owner’s Name(s)(Required)
Unit Address(Required)

In accordance with the provisions of the Association Documents of Cobble Creek Condominium Association, I/we request the following maintenance, approval to make modifications or to perform maintenance to the exterior of the unit:

Request Type(Required)

I/we agree to the following:

  1. Unit Owners are responsible for the maintenance of all items defined as part of their Unit, the Limited Common Elements and all items specific to their Unit, whether or not located within or outside of the Unit. See the Maintenance Matrix for specific details.
  2. Any repair, replacement, or maintenance of items performed by the Association to a Unit’s Limited Common Area, may be assessed to the Owner of that Unit. The Association, Management and/or contractors hired by the Association will not be held responsible for any damage caused by Owners, their Tenants, Guests or Invitees.
  3. Applicant must indicate materials to be used, color and other pertinent information. Any materials and/or color(s) used must conform with the existing materials and colors. Attach appropriate sketches or drawings and description of work to be done along with information on contractor (ie: name, telephone number, etc.) and copy of the certificate of insurance if a contractor is to be utilized.
  4. All maintenance of modifications and any damages caused by the modification will forever be the responsibility of the Unit Owner, both current and future. Any approved modification to a Common Area may be required to be returned to its original state upon the sale of the Unit.
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